I must apologize for not having reported about the Danish situation before.

In most of Europe we have seen how soon free speech has crumbled away. In Norway, the editor of the Christian periodical Magazinet received death threats against his family and he quickly apologized to the local mob imams. As Bruce Bawer writes: "It was a picture right out of a sharia courtroom: the dhimmi prostrating himself before the Muslim leader".
British Muslims
British Muslims, February 3, 2006.

In Sweden, the authorities have taken down a web site for showing the twelve cartoons - not just once, but twice. The Finnish Prime Minister has apologized publicly because an "extreme patriotic" site showed the twelve cartoons

In England neither television nor newspapers have showed the cartoons, but BBC has shown the fake cartoons and falsely attributed them to Jyllands-Posten. The streets of London, Paris and Antwerp have been full of hateful demonstrators shouting death threats against the Western World - with the police watching passively

In Belgium, Holland and Spain, centuries old carnival traditions are cancelled. In Italy, a minister was fired because of his choice of underwear.

Muslims demonstrate against prophet drawings
Friday, October 14, 2005. Prayer in connection with a demonstration in front of city hall, Copenhagen

In the USA, a single magazine, no newspapers and no television channels have showed the twelve cartoons. In Canada a single magazine has showed some of the cartoons. Editors have been fired in France, Jordan, Russia and other countries too numerous to mention.

In contrast, Denmark has been the proverbial eye of the hurricane. Danish Islamic Society were only able to get 17.000 signatures on their complaint (out of an estimated 200,000 Danish Muslims) and demonstrations have been peaceful and quiet.

Once the double-tongued imam had been exposed with their picture of a French pig caller, all their support fell away - and lots of Muslims who were tired of being represented by the imams let their own voices be heard.

This is a story I have neglected to tell - so I will hurry up and make amends.

Ateist, sorry but I think your link to the Finnish PM's apology doesn't seem to work. That's a pity! I've been trying to spread information on his caving in and the most unnecessary apology I can think of at the moment all around... Not for mocking my country but mocking somebody whose behaviour I find very questionable. His behaviour in this conflict has been a shame but luckily not all of us think like him... You should see all the discussion pages here!

Your reader from Finland
> "Ateist, sorry but I think your link to the Finnish PM's apology doesn't seem to work."

Thanks for alerting me. Here's the URL: www.geo.tv/main_files/world.aspx?id=106434

Let me recommend Gogle News.
hey, I'm administrator of polish site www.eurojihad.org if you can contact with me because I didn't find your mail here

Ateist, this is an alert. If you think the issue deserves it, I'd like to see you giving this issue as much publicity as you think... We can't be quiet when things like this happen!!! Read this from http://virtual.finland.fi, below which you'll find some extra comments:


Editor of Finnish magazine gets the sack for refusing to remove Muhammad cartoon

24.2.2006 at 16:08

The board of Finnish culture magazine Kaltio decided Friday to sack its editor, Jussi Vilkuna, after he refused to remove a cartoon featuring a masked prophet Muhammad from the magazine's website.

Harri Kynnös, the chairman, told the Finnish News Agency (STT) that letting Mr Vilkuna go after eight years as editor of Kaltio had been a difficult one.

Mr Vilkuna said the board's decision illustrated that it had not grasped the nature of a culture magazine.

"The task of a culture magazine is to arouse debate on important issues. What a grand way to interpret freedom of speech," Mr Vilkuna added ironically.

In the cartoon, the prophet Muhammad is depicted debating the meaning of free speech with a cartoonist.

On Thursday, Tapiola, Sampo and Pohjola withdrew their advertisements from the Kaltio website. Olavi Nieminen, the chief lawyer of Pohjola, a non-life insurance firm owned by OKO Bank, said the posting of the cartoon had been irresponsible and a wrong way to defend free speech.

Kaltio has about 2,000 print subscribers in Finland.


© Copyright STT 2006


The three companies in question are all big and powerful insurance and banking corporations. What is not written in the English version of the news is that this traitor Harri Kynnös commented that "we think this is socially such a serious matter that a thing showing such a strong opinion shouldn't have been made public at all"

I'M SICK OF THIS!!! First it's our PM apologizing for a marginal far right group publishing the Danish cartoons on their website, now it's the editor-in-chief of a cultural magazine sacked for publishing a commentary on the issue on the web, no, not even in the magazine itself.

What's happening here is a lot more horrible than what's going on in Denmark.

Some hours ago, the pictures were still visible at www.kaltio.fi. Now, the page is but blank.

Is this the Finland which was according to Reporters Withour Borders one of the countries that shared with Denmark the no. 1 position in the freedom of press in the world?

Your reader from Finland
Ok, I posted it. Thanks.
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