calderoliThe Italian minister, Roberto Calderoli, who had his own T-shirts printed with Mohammed cartoons, was fired for his efforts.

Today's riots, which took place outside the Italian consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi, led to at least 10 deaths - and Silvio Berlusconi put the blame on Calderoli.

Most media report that Calderoli had printed one of the Danish cartoons - but I disagree. It looks more like the Mohammed cartoons from France Soir. See picture to the left. See links at the top, right corner of this page for all the Danish cartoons.

So from now on, foreign dictators not only decide what we are allowed to draw and write - they also decide what clothes we wear. Burqas anyone?
Mohammed, France Soir
No, not burqas. We're not allowed to wear burqas. According to Brussels Journal, future carnivals wil be allowed make fun of everybody else than Muslims:

the organizers of the traditional carnival (mardi gras) parade of Aalst hope that the participants in this year’s parade will be sensible enough not to offend Muslims by dressing up in burqas or posing as Muhammad. But not only the Belgian authorities are worried. The neighbouring Netherlands have a tradition of dressing up at carnival as well.

The authorities in Oldenzaal have decided that mocking Muhammad will not be tolerated. “We will be very strict,” they told the media. Similar prohibitions have also been imposed in the province of Limburg, where carnival (this year from 26 to 28 February) is a very old tradition. Participants can mock whomever they want, except Muslims. “Making allusions to the cartoon crisis will not be tolerated either,” the organizing committee of a carnival parade in Brabant said.

This time the dictators don't even have to express their displeasure - the Dhimmi authorities will do their work for them.

Weird. I thought Carnival was supposed to be a festivity wherein everything authoritarian can be sure of being mocked at.
That was then. Did you check out the link? For about 400 years the village of Bocairent in Spain have celebrated their “Moros y Cristianos”.

Now it's over: Spain caves.
And now the Muslims want the copyright of the cartoons handed over to them.


That would be living in an Islamic Dictatorship ... but hey we are living in partial dictatorship already since we let them bully us.
It was the drawing from front page of France Soir
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